Floco Apps

Floco Apps started in 2011 out a college dorm room. The model is simple: combine small teams with big ideas to create great apps. We consult with companies to determine the best mobile strategy, work together to create a plan that fits their time and budget, and then execute. We've worked happily with local companies and national organizations alike to identify new opportunities and implement technical solutions.

Through our work, we've been able to establish a network of ambitious, likeminded developers and entrepreneurs dedicated to innovation both within and beyond West Virginia. This is our community. Let's define "better" together.

 WV Innovation Day 2014

WV Innovation Day 2014



Ricky Kirkendall founded Floco while finishing his B.S. in Computer Science. He worked with American Foundation for the Blind before starting Campaignr, a startup to help grassroots organizations fundraise through SMS microdonations. Ricky Kirkendall also started the open source CheckUp initiative for algorithmic suicide prevention. Ricky enjoys investing in the community by teaching others to bootstrap their own startup ideas and develop valuable coding skills at WVU, where he taught as an adjunct professor.